Australian Business Network in Italy

The Australian Business Network in Italy is a local forum where Australian organizations that do business in Italy and Italian organizations that do business with them or in Australia can meet and network. The Australian Business Network will act as a catalyst in organizing meetings and conferences of interest to those involved in Australian business here in Italy, and will work towards greater communication between the participants (and those who want to participate) in this business.


21 December 2004
Macquarie Airports - EC Approval for Acquisition of Brussels Airport

December 2004
Italy Country Brief

25 November 2004
Italy - Travel Advice

8 November 2004
Macquarie Airports - 9 Months results for Rome Airport

29 giugno - 29 agosto 2004
l'isola del cinema

21 - 25 luglio 2004
Sguardi Australiani

6 - 25 July 2004
Australian Embassy in Rome - Events
Kiripuranji: Arte contemporanea dalle Isole Tiwi - Australia

14 -16 giugno 2004
MI Wine

2 giugno 2004
Festa della Repubblica

4 June 2004
Brand Australia launched in Italy

25 April 2004
Australian Embassy in Rome - Events
Anzac Day Ceremony at the Rome War Cemetery

10 marzo 2004
Australia, conclusa con successo la missione Lombarda

3 marzo 2004
Australia, Formigoni incontra il premier Howard e i suoi ministri

25 February 2004
Appeal of growing Aussie Funds Pool
Australia has surpassed Italy to become the world’s fourth-largest mutual fund asset pool, with US$433.6 billion under management.

20 February 2004
A$ public bond issue: offering result